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A few weeks after the grand galloping gala in the year Princess Luna returned, zombies started to appear all across Equestria. Canterlot was instantly protected by unicorn guards and Princess Celestia herself, who created a huge force field all around the town. Manehattan became a ghost town, and Ponyville was attacked a few weeks later. The elements of harmony made the farm Sweet Apple Acres their base, using barbed wire, bear traps and shotguns to protect themselves. Twilight Sparkle and Applejack became the leaders of the group, Rarity made armor for them, Pinkie Pie kept the group together, Fluttershy cured the wounded and Rainbow Dash searched for anything they could need. When Hidden Shadow, a dark green unicorn with black spots, arrived, he became the second scout, also searching for supplies and survivors.


Hidden Shadow was born in Manehattan and one day found a strange book, which was written by Star Swirl the bearded, who, after sending the Sirens into another dimension, gained the abbility to see into the future for a short time. To get all this knowledge out of his head, he wrote it down and enchanted the book, so it can´t be destroyed by anything, Equestria has to offer, until all the events described in it happened. Since he found it, Hidden Shadow started reading it every day. He found out about Nightmare Moon returning and that she would be transformed back into Princess Luna before anything bad could happen. He also found out about the zombie apocalypse, and because it was the last entry, Hidden Shadow thought it would be the end of Equestria. He then started training his mind and body, to end the apocalypse once it started. He also tried to frind others to help him, but noone wanted to believe him.


Hidden Shadow has basic knowledge of martial arts and can weild a katana with ease. He can make a bow in half a day and arrows in the other half of it. He can aim good enough and was born with a photographic memory. He also is very skilled in free running and climbing and can cast a few spells.


Because Hidden Shadow didn´t find his special talent yet, he only can cast basic spells. He can cast teleportation and levitation, create force fields and shoot energy beams.


Though he is very kind at first, Hidden Shadow has no problem pulling the trigger of his shotgun when he thinks it is the right time to do so. He is very disciplined and can get mad when others don´t care for themselves. He always cares for others, which is why the force field spell was the first one he learned.


Hidden Shadow has a shotgun, which is magically modified to use the mana field of equestria to shoot energy bolts he can influence to shoot fireballs, force field spheres that form a force field on impact or other stuff. Twilight, Rarity and Steam Forge, another unicorn, also have such shotguns, because only a unicorn can use them porperly. He also has a short katana on his back, which is basically a wooden sword with razor blades in it, which he made when he was younger.

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